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Back in France, ready for Lyon

It took around two hours to reach Lyon from Paris. Lyon is the third largest city in France. It is the capital of Rhone-Alpes region. It is known as a gastronomic and historical city with a vibrant cultural scene . Lyon is a popular centre for all ski and mount lovers, it’s totally worth spending few days exploring this wonderful and ancient...

Germany, 16-04-2015
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Spontaneous Germany adventure

My internship in Paris was about to end. My cousin and her husband live in Germany and they invited me to come to Germany before leaving for India. I happily accepted their invitation. I took a train to Saarbrucken. It took almost 2 hours to reach her place. It is a very small city with Saar River running through it. The city has really nice...

Germany, 11-04-2015
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Getting in touch with my inner child in Disneyland

The most awaited weekend came. We had already booked our tickets to Disneyland- Paris and got a great discount on advance booking. Thrilled and excited, we left our place and boarded the metro to Disneyland. Till then, I had only seen theme parks in movies. As I entered Disneyland, the first thing I noticed was the main entrance. It was...

France, 08-04-2015
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New York City and end of 2K11

Sinatra’s famous track describes it as the “the city that doesn’t sleep”, but I can vouch otherwise. How else could we have stood outside and been the only two people in the whole of Times Square, at 3 a.m? A fast food craving had kicked in because our body clocks were way off track after a long flight, hence our impromptu journey to...

United States, 30-11--0001
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